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Our Global Reach

Why is Employee diversity so important at Delta? Well, as you can see from our route map, Delta proudly serves the entire world. In fact, with our partners, we operate service to more destinations than any global airline.

With an intrinsic aim to ensure every traveler an enjoyable journey, regardless of the distance from their native land and language, it is essential that our associates represent a breadth of backgrounds and cultures parallel with our passengers.

The global marketplace requires an innovative, inclusive workforce for business growth. Global diversity must be valued, respected and leveraged to achieve excellence required for success.

Defining diversity

Defining is recognizing, appreciating, respecting, and leveraging human diversity. We do this from the perspective of: cultures, languages, ethnicity, gender, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, education, religion, work experience, family status, capabilities, political views, geographic/regional identification, values, personalities, skills, education (formal and life), citizenship status, socio-economic background, community membership and communication styles to temper generalizations that may build barriers to global inclusion. Our definition is designed to be inclusive of our Customer Base. Diversity represents a company's attitude that not only represents and values the individuality of its employees but also understands how to tap the potentially significant contributions inherent in diversity.

In fostering an atmosphere of diversity and inclusion throughout our entire worldwide operation, Delta is proud to participate in and sponsor a variety of activities and events covering a complete range of lifestyles and perspectives.

Delta has several Business Resource Groups as well as "Care" groups that provide networking, support and community outreach opportunities for employees from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Each group has a senior leader champion that provides leadership and support to help the group be successful in reaching its strategic goals and objectives. In the "Spirit of Inclusion" any Delta employee is welcome to join any group.

Our Business Resource Groups include:

  • SHE (Women's)
  • Adelante (Latin & Hispanic)
  • Green Up (Environmental)
  • Veterans (Armed Services)
  • Working Families
  • BOLD (Black community)
  • ABLE (Disability)
  • FUSION (Asian Pacific)
  • GENGAGE (Multigenerational)

Our Care Groups include:

  • CSEN - Cancer Support Employee Network
  • Wrenched Hearts - Employee network for support of parents who have lost children

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